The Creation

The Creation

Arrowhead Homestead was created in 2018 when my husband, Dave, and I purchased an old Farm house that was first registered in 1883.  We took our love of animals and providing for ourselves to a new level and Arrowhead Homestead was created.  Our homestead has grown over the past two and half years of being on this property.  When we first arrived there was no outbuildings for animals or pastures.  Everything had to be built from the ground up.  Talk about a lot of work as we are both disabled veterans but I will say that the hard work is so very rewarding.  The work never stops as we are stilling growing and adding to the homestead. Our values from our military lives have been incorporated into our homestead creating an honest environment.  

Our love of animals have given us a drive to help rescued animals get healthy and find their forever homes.  We rescue farm animals that have no other place to go and have assisted in catching and caring for loose farm animals until their owners could be located.  Part of our income from products go into continuing this needed project.  

Dave and I, love to share our craft with budding homesteaders in hopes of helping them get a couple steps farther ahead without such a steep learning curve.  

And so the Homestead Journey began.....



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